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With the world filled with digital cameras and scanners, there's no reason you can't take a favorite photo and turn it into a cross stitch!

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The Best Kind of Photo

Good quality photos make the best patterns. It's most important for it to be sharp and in focus. It's much easier to do color adjustments/photo enhancements and they come out looking much better. Even if your image seems a little dark, it can probably be corrected.

Old black and white or sepia colored photos also make nice patterns as long as they're in good shape. We can work on removing any folds or cracks that may show in the photo, but we can't guarantee the result.

Photo sizes don't really matter too much. As long as the subject matter is clearly defined it should work fine. If you're wanting a photo done of a person, make sure their features are clearly visible. Remember, the more detail in the photo, the more detail in the pattern.

We will not make the pattern if we feel the photo provided, even with adjustments doesn't look right. We want you to receive a quality product.

You're probably wondering what we charge for making your own personal pattern. Here's the break-down for you.

Basic pattern : $18 (PDF format)
Combining photos: $3.00*
Fixing a damaged photo: $2.00**
Photo enhancement: FREE
Cropping: FREE
Removing background: FREE
Replacing background with color: FREE
Changing photo to black and white or sepia: FREE

If you want any other special effects or editing done to your photo, just e-mail us or include the instructions in the additonal instructions box on the order form. We'll let you know if it can be done. There may be an extra charge for this depending on how much time it takes to do it.

You will not be charged for this pattern until you review it and are happy with the results.

Large print is available.

*This also includes replacing the background with another photo.

**If the photo is damaged with creases or folds etc, this fee will apply. You will not be charged for small amounts of touching up. If the fee is added to your order, you will be informed before any touching up is done.

Please use the Custom Order Form button at the top to place your order. We will get in contact with you.

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