If you place the voting code in a hard to find area on your web site and you do not show many 'votes ever' (people coming to OUR site) yet you have many 'hits' (visitors going to YOUR site) we reserve the right to deactivate or remove your site from our list. So be sure to place your code either on the main page, on your freebies page or somewhere else it can be seen easily.


Registration Information

In order to qualify to be listed in this top site, you must have at least four free cross stitch patterns available to download/print. Web sites with multiple pop-ups or pop-unders or that require visitors to fill out surveys to get the free patterns will not be accepted.

Since this top site is located inside the United States, we will be following the US laws regarding copyright. Please do not apply if your site contains patterns which are copyright protected unless you have a license or have permission to do so.

Please only register one account for each web site.

Your site will be reviewed to verify qualification. Once this is done, your account will be activated. If your site does not meet the requirements above we claim the right to remove your account from the site without notice.

You will receive an e-mail once your account is activated. It will include instructions on how to retrieve your voting code and upload your banner. There are times when the e-mail may end up in your 'Bulk' folder. Be sure to check there if you haven't received an e-mail within a day or two.

Please place a voting link/banner somewhere on your site. We don't require it on your main page, but it should be located somewhere that it can be seen easily. It's for your benefit to place it in an active spot. The more clicks, the better ranking your site will receive!

You will be given time to place the voting code on your site. If, after a few days you haven't inserted the code, we will send you a friendly reminder e-mail. We will give you a time frame for when you need to have the code inserted on your site. If after this time you still have not placed the code, we will assume you no longer wish to participate in this voting site and will deactivate your account.

Your banner size must be 468x60 in size. It can be no more than 37 KB. If your banner does not show in your account after you upload it, check the size requirement. It will not upload if it is too big. If you don't have a banner, and need help making one, let us know by clicking on the 'contact us' link below.

Clicks in and out update automatically. The ranks will be reset every month to give all the new sites a chance to be seen easily. Only the top 10 spots on each page will show a banner.

This site has anti cheating enabled. Please don't try to falsify your votes or your account will be suspended and then banned by the administration. You will not be allowed back onto this topsite.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us!