AOM 05 May 2019

What's New

What's New at The Art of Stitching!


Congratulations to Brian S for winning the Monthly Drawing for April!

Be sure to sign up for next month's drawing for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate!


It's been a long time coming! This photo was found in a lost email and we're just now getting it added to the gallery! Sorry we're so late Veronica!

Lady with Ermine was added to Page 7 of our Photo Gallery!


Twelve NEW landscape patterns from Vincent van Gogh have been added!

Avenue in Voyer...
Banks of the Seine
Belvadere Overlooking...
Daubigny's Garden 1
Daubigny's Garden 2
Daubigny's Garden 3
Doctor Gachet's Garden
Edge of Wheatfield..
Field with Poppies
Landscape with Wheat...
Sunset at Montmajour
Wheatfield with Lark


A new free pattern is now available for download!

It's Window at Vers Miniature by Andre Derain!

Eight new Petite Patterns have been added by artists Mary Cassatt and Georgia O'Keeffe!

The Caress

Augusta Sewing..


Woman at Toilette

Young Mother Sewing

Cow's Skull....

Purple Leaves

Series 1 No. 8



We will also be continuing our Monthly Drawing! The first winner will be chosen at at the end of February but you can sign up now for your chance to win a $10 gift certificate!


This site needs some major updating in order to be compatible with PayPal new policies. Right now I just don't have the means or the time to get this done. This means I will be shutting down the site at the end of the month.

I may or may not come back online. I'm not sure what the future holds. I will stay online and patterns will be available for purchase for the next two weeks or until PayPal is no longer compatible, whichever comes first.

I will still have newsletter addresses available for several months and also the Facebook page. If or when I do come back online I can send notices out to those who are interested. It's been a great time! Thanks to all my loyal customers!


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