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Standard Size $8
Poster Size $12
Petite Patterns $6
Miniature Sets $4
Bookmarks $2
Special Purchase Prices vary
Photo to Chart Base Price $18
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Pattern Information

Our patterns use DMC solid colors and full stitches only. There are a few exceptions in some of our quick stitch ornament sets and the floral pillow/cushion patterns that use some quarter stitches and backstitching.

All patterns come with a large graphic of the exported image to use as a guide.

Our patterns are easy to read and includes symbols made up of the alphabet, numbers and basic symbols. (See the Print Size Information for examples.)

Along with the standard symbol chart, our patterns also include a floss chart. It shows the number and name of each DMC thread you will need. It shows how many stitches there are for each color along with an estimate of how many skeins you will need of each color.

There is an instruction sheet that includes some tips and washing instructions as well that comes with each order.

As a bonus, you will also receive a DMC Shopper's List. This consists of one page that has all the DMC floss numbers with a check box next to each number. Very nice to have when shopping for your colors.

Pattern Images

What you see is what you get. All images on the site consist of graphics of the exported patterns in virtual stitches. We have some pictures of finished pieces in the Photo Gallery.

How They Will Look

Keep in mind while you are stitching, that up close, the design may look slightly fuzzy or out of focus. However, step back just a little bit, and watch how sharp the image becomes compared to being so close. This is why it's perfect to hang on your wall. All the detail seems to come alive.

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